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Vendors are an extension of the Women of Christ Conference so in submitting an application for a table, vendors represent they are faithful to and in compliance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The Magisterium is the living, teaching office of the Church, whose task is to give an authentic interpretation of the word of God, whether in its written form (Sacred Scripture), or in the form of Tradition. The Magisterium ensures the Church’s fidelity to the teaching of the Apostles in matters of faith and morals.

Additional Info:

  • Vendor Registration and payment will close October 28, 2022
  • Vendor table cost is $250 with additional table for $175.
  • Due to space availability, there will be no more than two tables per vendor
  • Additional Conference tickets can be purchased at
  • Vendors should bring their own table dressing for 8’ table
  • WiFi and electrical available, can be requested when you register
  • Vendors will close at 3 pm on conference day at the start of the Eucharistic Procession and Holy Mass

Important Vendor Information

Vendor set-up Friday afternoon, November 4th from 1:00 to 6:00, and Saturday morning November 5th from 6:00am to 6:45am. A map with vendor assignments will be posted by the back door on Saturday. Otherwise, I will be available on Friday to help you.

Vendor Parking: We ask that all vendors park behind the building and enter through the specified doors.
Parking for vendors is in the back, north of the “Pavilion Building”, which is the west building on the left as you approach the Fair Grounds complex. To park behind that building, you must drive around the Ziegler Building on your right (east). As you drive towards the buildings, follow the road to your right in order to get to the back lot and doors. These doors will be the only ones open to vendors on Saturday morning.

*** Please do not park in the priest parking area on the west side of the building. ***

Lunch: Lunch will be provided in the Pavilion Building (vendor building). Please try to get your lunch before the ladies come in @ 11:20am.
Vendors are welcome in the main conference building to view the talks, and there will also be a TV monitor in the Pavilion Building for your convenience.

* All vendors registered by October 7th will be listed in the program book.
Please refer to the Vendor tab at for further details, or feel free to email or call me with any questions.


Julie Sarnowski, Vendor Coordinator
414-614-4479 with questions

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