About Us

The Women of Christ story began in 2007 after the overwhelming success of the Men of Christ conference.  A hunger exists amongst the lay faithful that needs to be fed, especially for women.  Society tells us to be something so much different than what God calls us to be.  Our hope is to clear the fog and bring to light the authenticity and truth of God’s gifts just for women.

Our Mission Statement

“As Women of Christ, we recognize the unique dignity of our womanhood and our baptismal call by God to holiness. Empowered by the Eucharist and united in the truths of the Catholic Church, we are called to live, defend, and pass on the faith as witnesses to the gospel message.”


The Symbolism of the Women of Christ Cross

Reflecting on the Women of Christ mission statement:
  • The Cross: the foundation upon which we build our Faith
  • The Dove: the symbol of the Holy Spirit (our Baptismal call to holiness)
  • The Papal Keys: the primary emblem of the Papacy (we are united to the truths of the Catholic Church)
  • The Lamb: Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Sacrifice we receive at Mass (Empowerment by the Eucharist)
  • Praying Hands: Symbol of our commitment to prayer (through prayer we can live, defend and pass on the Faith)
  • Lilies: Symbol of chastity, innocence and purity (reflections of the dignity of women)
  • Heart at the Center of the Cross: The Heart of Jesus beats with the fire of love that purifies us. The white roses represent Mary our Blessed Mother, her sinlessness and purity that bring sweetness to new life. United, they are our strength and our consolation.
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