The day at the Women

The day at the Women of Christ Conference was so uplifting. I didn’t realize how much I needed it this year. I wasn’t going to go after many I asked to go with me were not able to. Then a friend called me out of the blue and said she had an extra ticket and would I like to go. I thought about it for a while, and then accepted her invitation. After the wonderful experience, I realize it was Providential that she called and asked me to go. Every speaker was great. So good to hear the Lord through them. The day is always well planned by all the coordinators and the volunteer helpers. Absolutely beautiful!

Sheila A.

This was my first Women of Christ Conference

This was my first Women of Christ conference. The day was full of opportunities to reflect on my spiritual journey. I left excited and hungry to explore and educate myself more on a faith I have only scratched the surface of. I grew up attending church services weekly because my parents told my brother and I we had to. I attended a parochial school for 4 years. I never learned why the church does the things it does. I never truly was explained the symbolism behind everything. Despite having my own “Come to Jesus moment” in my early 20s, I am inspired to see my faith from the eyes of a convert. Especially now, as an adult, I am craving to know the reasons why and how. This conference fueled the desire within me. I am definitely looking forward to attending future WOC conferences!! I also am excited to bring my daughter along in a couple of years.

Nikki Z.

The conference met all of

The conference met all of my wonderful expectations. The speakers inspired me. It was very spiritual with much time allocated for prayer and confession. All activities focused on Jesus and learning more about living according to the Gospel.

I recommend this conference to anyone wishing to take a break from daily life and spending time in prayer and fellowship with other Catholics. The day gave me much hope that Jesus is very much a force in our world.

Cathy K

We are all at different

We are all at different places on the journey, but this conference has something for everyone. I have attended as a vendor, participated as an emcee, and this year brought a group from my parish for the first time. From every angle, the Women of Christ conference has been a triumph. The Holy Spirit’s presence is tangible here, not only in the words of the speakers and in the sacraments available, but in the presence of these 2500 praying, seeking women. Those who are new to Catholicism are inspired, those who are “old” to it are refreshed. It was an awesome experience to feel the speaker’s words directly touch my heart even as I sat amidst so many other listeners. We know God’s hand is everywhere, but it’s an awesome thing to see his fingerprints so clearly!

Gina L.

My sisters and I…

My sisters and I have attended the majority of WOC Conferences and look forward to it every year. This year we expanded our group to three generations with a daughter and two granddaughters, and lots of fellow parishioners.

I learned so much at the Conference (or in come cases, was reminded of past lessons); my sisters and I couldn’t help but smile at, “Offer it up,” our mom’s constant admonition to any of our whining. I will never again look at JOY the same, but will recall Jesus first, Others second, Yourself third. Thinking of the power of all the prayers rising to heaven from one auditorium fills me with awe. As part of His mystical body, we truly are the hands and feet of Christ as we go forth in our daily lives.

The final parts of the conference, the Eucharistic Procession and Mass with the Archbishop, along with the beautiful Milwaukee Mercy Choir was a great closure to a grace-filled day.

Thank you, Women of Christ leaders, for providing this venue. Thank you, Sisters in Christ, for sharing the day with me. Thank you, Blessed Trinity and our Mother Mary, for all your graces. We are blessed!

Mary Jane

I started going to the

I started going to the Women of Christ back in 2010, when I was just finding out about the Catholic faith through the RCIA program. That first Conference left such an indelible mark on my soul that I have gone back every year since! I am not sure that I have the adequate words to describe to you what this day means to me. I always come seeking a deeper understanding of my faith, but leave with so much more. Every single aspect of this Conference touches me in such a deep and beautiful way. Last year, the Rosary procession outside on the grounds was a highlight! To any Catholic woman who is seeking to know more about her faith, to connect with other Catholic women, to hear speakers who will inspire you, and most importantly to encounter Christ in a most profound way, I invite you to take the “leap of faith” and come to this year’s Women of Christ Conference! You will not be sorry!


Women of Christ has been

Women of Christ has been a wonderful blessing for my twin sister and I. She lives in central Wisconsin, but WOC gives us an opportunity to gather, pray and talk about our love of the Lord! Also, Reconciliation has been transformative for me! The priests who offer their sacramental gift on that Saturday have, on several occasions, been turning points in my faith journey.

Chris S.

What an amazing time! As

What an amazing time! As someone just coming into the faith (RCIA last fall), I found the Women of Christ conference to be a welcoming, beautiful immersion in what it means to be a Catholic woman. From the gracious camaraderie among everyone there to speakers who touched my heart…and a great vendor market to find a special gift…this event is a must for Catholic women of all ages!


Women of Christ is nothing

Women of Christ is nothing short of life-changing. I have attended as a participant, a speaker, an Master of Ceremonies and as a vendor. Every year on that special day I give myself the opportunity– the gift–of spending an entire day with the Lord, in communion with my sisters in Christ, and every year I am never disappointed. I am never in the same place emotionally, and yet He never fails to find me, to heal me, and to give me a special peace and joy on that special day. Thank you to all of my sisters who work so hard to make this day happen. My prayers for your continued blessings on this amazing apostolate.


We love and look forward

We love and look forward to the conference every year. I, Amber, have attended every conference with my mother in law and we have learned something new to apply to our lives from every speaker we’ve heard! Nancy, my mother in law, introduced me to the Women of Christ conference and several other beautiful Catholic events and practices. Coming into the faith a little over 10 years ago, the conference has helped keep me on fire about my faith and I continue to grow year after year. I leave feeling rejuvenated and more confident in Christ’s love for not only me, but for all of us! It’s an amazing experience for women of all ages, so Ladies, come join us and bring your daughters, sisters, neighbors, cousins, nieces and friends!

Amber & Nancy

WOC had an effect on

WOC had an effect on my coming home to the Catholic faith, (along with listening to Relevant Radio and belonging to a Rosary group) It was a part of what God used to draw me back to the church. Actually, going to confession at WOC after 40 plus years had a huge affect… receiving that sacrament while I was still a practicing Protestant and the cleansing that it did to my soul made me reconsider the Catholic teachings and systems. I experienced the Power of God’s purifying love through orally confessing my sins to a priest. As a Protestant….you just talk to God directly and ask for forgiveness. I thought it was unnecessary to speak to someone else about my sins. What I experienced was so powerful that I knew that Confession was a gift from God to the Church. Speaking out my sins to a Priest made me more aware of my transgressions and it humbled me to say those things out loud to someone. It had a powerful affect on me and I KNEW I was made clean! It was as if God came down from heaven and wiped my soul from the residue of sin. I felt closer to God and so grateful for this sacrament. That started a chain reaction of desiring other sacraments, so God used this experience as a catalyst in my coming back to the Catholic faith.


Following the Catholic faith can

Following the Catholic faith can be difficult and even lonely at times. When I attend the Women of Christ Conference, I feel God’s grace strongly present among the participants and speakers. I no longer feel alone in my Catholic journey. This conference always inspires me and strengthens my resolve to be a faith-filled Catholic woman.

Carol, author and speaker

After several weeks of noticing

After several weeks of noticing the “Women of Christ” conference advertised in the bulletin, I found a fellow parishioner to join me at the conference. I didn’t know what to expect – would it be ‘too catholic’ or over my head? After all, I was “giving up” a precious Saturday to attend. I arrived with an open mind and an open heart. The speakers were amazing and inspiring. I was able to participate in Mass, Reconciliation and Adoration – all in one place. I even had an opportunity to shop some great vendors (books, music, honey, rosaries and more). It was powerful to see so many women gathered together to be closer to Christ. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I definitely felt the Holy Spirit and a deeper love of Christ. I highly recommend the Women of Christ conference.

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