2017 Christ Brings Hope Award

Daily Readings

    • Friday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time

      Reading 1 Rom 4:1-8

      Brothers and sisters:
      What can we say that Abraham found,
      our ancestor according to the flesh?
      Indeed, if Abraham was justified on the basis of his works,
      he has reason to boast;
      but this was not so in the sight of God.
      For what does the Scripture say?
      Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.
      A worker’s wage is credited not as a gift, but as something due.
      But when one does not work,
      yet believes in the one who justifies the ungodly,
      his faith is credited as righteousness.
      So also David declares the blessedness of the person
      to whom God credits righteousness apart from works:

      Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven
      and whose sins are covered.
      Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not record.

      Responsorial Psalm Ps 32:1b-2, 5, 11

      R. (see 7) I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.
      Blessed is he whose fault is taken away,
      whose sin is covered.
      Blessed the man to whom the LORD imputes not guilt,
      in whose spirit there is no guile.
      R. I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.
      Then I acknowledged my sin to you,
      my guilt I covered not.
      I said, “I confess my faults to the LORD,”
      and you took away the guilt of my sin.
      R. I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.
      Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you just;
      exult, all you upright of heart.
      R. I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.

      Alleluia Ps 33:22

      R. Alleluia, alleluia.
      May your kindness, O LORD, be upon us;
      who have put our hope in you.
      R. Alleluia, alleluia.

      Gospel Lk 12:1-7

      At that time:
      So many people were crowding together
      that they were trampling one another underfoot.
      Jesus began to speak, first to his disciples,
      “Beware of the leaven–that is, the hypocrisy–of the Pharisees.

      “There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed,
      nor secret that will not be known.
      Therefore whatever you have said in the darkness
      will be heard in the light,
      and what you have whispered behind closed doors
      will be proclaimed on the housetops.
      I tell you, my friends,
      do not be afraid of those who kill the body
      but after that can do no more.
      I shall show you whom to fear.
      Be afraid of the one who after killing
      has the power to cast into Gehenna;
      yes, I tell you, be afraid of that one.
      Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins?
      Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God.
      Even the hairs of your head have all been counted.
      Do not be afraid.
      You are worth more than many sparrows.”

      – – –
      Lectionary for Mass for Use in the Dioceses of the United States, second typical edition, Copyright © 2001, 1998, 1997, 1986, 1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine; Psalm refrain © 1968, 1981, 1997, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. All rights reserved. Neither this work nor any part of it may be reproduced, distributed, performed or displayed in any medium, including electronic or digital, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.


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